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April 10, 2024

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Community Relations

The Barbados Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Unit have developed programs design to meet the needs of others in the providing essential resources, education, training and leadership to our community. These programs benefit the youth, protect the elderly and disabled and assist families in times of need.

After Care Programme

The purpose of this program is to provide direct victims of residential structural fires with professional advice, appropriate counsel, guidance and assistance in beginning the rebuilding process after their property has been destroyed, damaged or affected in any way

Smoke Alarm Programme

The Smoke Alarm Programme is designed to ensure that smoke alarms are installed and are operating properly in all private and public residences.

Career Showcase Programme

The purpose of The Career Showcase is to present career information to students and their parents to help them make informed decisions about their path to a career and to articulate the benefits of this exercise to the student, their parents, the business and social communities


Educational Programme

The Fire Prevention Unit has developed a number of educational programs since its inception

Fees Schedule

See Fees schedule for services done by The Barbados Fire Service, for services not listed here you can contact the fire service Headquarters to obtain more information. Contact 535-7800.

311 Radio Show Podcast

 Listen to Recordings of The 311 Radio Show with VOB 92.9FM and The Barbados Fire Service Every Sunday at 1:30PM on VOB 92.9FM