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April 10, 2024

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Fire Prevention & Code Enforcement Unit

fire prevention and safety BarbadosIn 2007 The Barbados Fire Service sought to be more proactive in its fire-fighting measures and created the fire prevention and community relations unit in an effort to raise awareness of fire-fighting practices and safety within our communities. This unit has evolved into what is now known as The Fire Prevention, Community Relations and Code Enforcement Unit which continues to uphold the mandate of reducing the incidences of fires and property loss due to fire and ultimately educating the public of Barbados in fire safety to make each citizen fire smart.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Fire Prevention & Code Enforcement Unit is to mitigate the incidents of fire and threats to life safety through fire cause determination, code enforcement, community education and technological innovations.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Fire Prevention & Code Enforcement Unit is to be able to effectively integrate prevention and fire safety education into the every day life of all sectors of our society, through proper planning, preparation, persistence and professionalism.

Value Statement

For the success and sustainability of the unity and for the satisfaction of our clients we promise the following: Commitment, Courage, Integrity, Dedication, Honesty, Humility, Fairness Thoroughness, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Sincerity, Politeness, Communication, Humanity