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August 04, 2022

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Career Showcase Programme

The purpose of The Career Showcase is to present career information to students and their parents to help them make informed decisions about their path to a career and to articulate the benefits of this exercise to the student, their parents, the business and social communities

The Fire Prevention and Community relations Unit will avail itself to the hosts of these events to ensure that students are provided with the appropriate information needed to make a career choice for the Barbados Fire Service

Career Showcase serves as a foundation for those students seeking part-time and full-time opportunities, as well as for those companies wishing to recruit only the most exceptional students. Career showcase embodies a lifetime of endless opportunities for all the stakeholders.

The Fire Prevention and Community Relations Unit will configure, set up and appropriately label any booth or space allotted by the host for the purpose of its display.

The Unit will use a combination of handouts, forms, video and still presentations to capture and captivate the minds of the students and other patrons who visit the booth. (Creativity is critical in this area)

The background shall comprise a picture display which depicts the varied elements of a career in the Fire Service.

Equipment used in day-to-day Fire Service operations will also be on display. (In the event that the Service is not able to supply all of this equipment it may be
sourced or borrowed from companies who distribute such equipment and must be returned after every event).

Officers from the Unit shall be on hand to answer any job related questions fielded by the persons who visit the booth.


To Students

  • seeing the relationship of their courses of study to careers being challenged by career expectations
  • experiencing the workplace atmosphere
  • discovering how their interests relate to career opportunities
  • understanding that education is a life-long process
  • exploring educational alternatives (degrees, apprenticeships, on- the-job training,)
  • discovering new and emerging career opportunities


  • understanding educational alternatives
  • helping their child find a career that fits their individual skills, talents and interests
  • making connections between high school course offerings and career choices
  • gaining career guidance information for their child
  • receiving reinforcement for the importance of career planning

The employer:

  • assisting in workforce development
  • promoting the importance of their trade or career
  • expressing expectations of the employer / employee relationship
  • meeting prospective co-op, work study, or school-to-work students

The community:

  • being an active part of the educational partnership
  • increasing the workforce ready population
  • the promotion of economic viability, development and stability workforce retention

If you are interested in becoming an officer in the Barbados Fire Service you can fill out our online application form via the link below :

Barbados Fire Service Application Form ;