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April 09, 2024

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Career Information


Career Opportunities

The Barbados Fire Service is a Department that is rapidly growing where fire officers are developing in different skills set such as Hazmat technicians, Certified Search & Rescuers and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). As fire officer progress through the ranks of the department they will undertake courses to build on their existing fire fighting knowledge to prepare them to function at each level. Progression through the ranks is as follows:  


*Fire Officer

*Leading Fire Officer

*Sub Officer

*Station Officer

*Divisional Officer

*Deputy Chief Fire Officer

*Chief Fire Officer


Work schedule and Holiday leave

Career personnel work a 42 hour week, with four shifts: Red Watch, White Watch, Blue Watch and Green Watch. Personnel are divided into two shifts per day (08:30 - 18:30) Day time and night (18:30 - 08:30). Paid leave is 21 days a year (in addition to public holidays) for the first five years, and 30 days after five years. But if you are required to work on public holidays you are given time off in lieu of pay.

Basic Entry Requirements

To join the Barbados Fire Service, persons will have to undergo an interview process, also certain physical, medical and educational requirements a person will have to satisfy. Some basic requirements are as follows

* Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years old 
* Applicants must have a minimal of 4 CXCs (which will include English A, Mathematics, along with a Science which includes Biology, Physics,Chemistry, Integrated Science, Human & Social Science or Agricultural Science)
* Applicants must take a general written test 
* Applicants should have a good degree of fitness 
* Applicants must undergo medical examination 
* Applicants must not have a criminal record 
* Applicants must be citizens of the Commonwealth.

If you are interested in becoming an officer in the Barbados Fire Service you can fill out our online application form via the link below and attach your required documents:

Barbados Fire Service Application Form ;


To learn more about the Department, to include, position vacancies, job descriptions, salary and upcoming recruit school, please contact us at 535-7807 or email at