Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to efficiently protect the lives, property and environment of those who live, work, visit or invest in Barbados through fire safety education, code enforcement, hazard mitigation,fire suppression, emergency operation and excellent customer service.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be recognised locally, regionally and internationally as a highly professional fire and rescue service.

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The Barbados Fire Service is a government department under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is the sole agency responsible for fire suppression in Barbados. The Fire Service provides the island which is approximately 166 square miles, and has an estimated population of 274 000 persons with fire coverage and emergency response services twenty-four hours a day.
In addition to responding to about 2000 emergency requests for assistance annually, the Department provides a number of proactive services, including fire safety inspections, emergency planning (disaster), consultative services and educational programmes for the general public and business community. The Barbados Fire Service has a complement of 239 career (full time) fire officers who are assisted by a civilian staff of 24 persons.
Our Fire Service Headquarters is located on the fifth floor of The General Post Office Building, Cheapside, Bridgetown, St. Michael, and the postal address is :
The Barbados Fire Service Headquarters.
Level 5 General Post Office Building
Cheapside, Bridgetown BB11000

Direct Contact: Telephone: (246) 434-7800 . Facsimile: (246) 435-0794

The Barbados Fire Service has six strategically-located stations across the island they are:

CENTRAL DIVISION - Bridgetown Fire Station.
Postal Address: Bridgetown Fire Service . Probyn Street . Bridgetown BB11122 . Barbados.
Direct Contact: Telephone: (246) 426-3504 / 426-3509

CENTRAL DIVISION - Worthing Fire Station
Postal Address: Worthing Fire Station . Worthing . Christ Church BB13155 . Barbados.
Direct Contact: Telephone: (246) 435-7478 / 435-8351 . Stn. Officer: (246) 435-9716

SOUTHERN DIVISION -Airport Fire Station
Postal Address: Airport Fire Station . Seawell . Christ Church BB17110 . Barbados.
Direct Contact: Telephone: (246) 428-7101 / 418-2654 . Stn. Officer: (246) 428-0905

NORTHERN DIVISION - Arch Hall Fire Station.
Postal Address: Arch Hall Fire Station . Arch Hall . St. Thomas BB22017 . Barbados.
Direct Contact: Telephone: (246) 421-8660 / 421-8661 . Stn. Officer: (246) 421-8663

NORTHERN DIVISION - St. John Fire Station.
Postal Address: St. John Fire Station . Four Roads . St. John BB20026 . Barbados.
Direct Contact: Telephone: (246) 433-1250 / 433-0857 . Stn. Officer: (246) 433-0858

NORTHERN DIVISION: St. James Fire Station.
Postal Address: St. James Fire Station . Weston . St. James BB24088 . Barbados.
Direct Contact: Telephone: (246) 422-2407 / 422-2186 . Stn. Officer: (246) 422-2188

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