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Smoke alarm Donation

The Barbados Fire Service received a donation of KIDDEE Kitchen Smoke detectors from Mr. Tim Boaden, on Wednesday January 9th 2012 at Headquarters Fire Station.


Accepting the donation on the behalf of the Chief Fire Officer was Station Officer Trotman.

Mr. Boaden, a retired fire fighter of the Toledo Fire Department has a special love for the island and its people, having visited thirty two times, being married here and also a member of the firefighters network. He expressed the wish for the smoke alarms to be fully utilized in the Fire Prevention Programme in the aims of preventing loss of life and property. He also stated that properly installed and maintained, residential smoke alarms are one of the best and least expensive ways to provide an early warning system.
Mr. Boaden was lauded for the donation by Station Officer Patrick he stated that donations such as this enables the Barbados Fire Service to continue support to public safety and the Barbados Fire Service was proud to accept the smoke alarms.
Below is a photo of Tim Boaden and officers of the Barbados Fire Service while on duty at the Headquarters Fire Station.

Mr. Boaden with officers

The generous donation was made by retired Toledo firefighter Tim Boaden.

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